Friday, 25 April 2014

Gang-gang Cockatoos

In this 50th year of the Canberra Ornithologist Group (COG), sightings of Gang-gangs are being recorded to learn more about the behaviour and movements of these amazing birds.

From the COG website:

The Gang-gang holds special significance for the Canberra Ornithologist Group (COG) and the ACT. It is the logo of COG and of the ACT Parks and Conservation Service. Despite this, little is known about the ecology of the Gang-gang within the ACT region, about its abundance, movements or what affects movement patterns, about its food preferences or seasonal distribution, or the frequency or success of breeding events. As part of celebrating 50 years of activity in the ACT and region, COG is running a project to learn more about Gang-gangs within the COG Area of Interest which stretches from Goulburn to Adaminaby and Burrinjuck Dam to Lake Bathurst. see map

Please help out and record sightings within the area of interest at

And here are two recent photos

Blind Gang-gangs?

On first glance I thought just the male bird was affected. Now I am wondering about the left eye of the female also. These Gang-gangs were part of a group of 8 I saw yesterday and see around quite a lot at present.