Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hey ma, I'm growing up!

This is a very cute, young Welcome Swallow. It has several siblings and cousins at the pond and they like to sit around together and observe the world, often balancing on reeds like this, bobbing up and down. The young swallows are not nearly as shy as the Reed Warblers and four or more will sit together.

I've been reading a lot about photography since I got my new camera and am still not too wise. For now all my shots are jpeg with no post production except cropping. I relate to the school of photographers whose job is done when the shutter button is pressed! I know this swallow photo is a long way from a perfect image, but it's so sweet I had to show you. And if I wait till everything is perfect, well no blog.

And here is something else I have learned. Catchlights. They are the little shiny dots in the eye. Can you see them? Apparently they make wildlife photographs more appealing. 

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