Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I had a little nut tree,

..nothing would it bear, but that's due to being shredded top down by cockatoos, rather than inherent tree properties.

This Chinese Pistache is the street tree outside my house and the photos were taken about 7:30 last evening. At 4-5 years old, the tree is 3.5m high. To my way of thinking it's on the small side for such large birds, but the cockatoos were happy with their seedy supper. One bird took a sample with it, when they flew off.

The cockatoos were around last week too. I didn't see them but the evidence/mess they leave behind, under the tree, is unmistakeable.  

That's a view towards Mt Majura in the background and you can also see the change of season in the colour of the leaves.


  1. They are so incredibly destructive. Great pics though.

  2. You are right. It's not a issue for us but I have seen flocks get to work on much bigger trees creating real problems.