Monday, 22 July 2013

White-throated Treecreeper

Whoever invented the English names for Australian birds really had a thing about hyphens. I hardly ever use them, but there's plenty in bird nomenclature. So, the Treecreepers. Pretty exciting huh? I had to climb a hill (part way up Mt Majura) and then only saw them for about a minute, but it is good to know they are around. This was the best picture I could get in low light.


  1. I love their huge toe-nails (another hyphen for you).
    Nice photo. You can see the orange mark below the eye, which shows it is a female.

  2. It's nice to have birds like this close to home!

  3. Thank you Denis and Pete. I don't plan on visiting the Treecreepers too often, but it is nice to have them in the vicinity and at least know they are not extinct around here.