Saturday, 20 October 2012

Red-rumped parrot

This Red-rumped Parrot, with its partner, were feeding on grass seeds by a road this morning. They are really beautiful small parrots. I have not seen one in many years.

In the final picture you can see my best shot of the famous red rump. Who names these birds?


  1. Yes, the naming does have a lot to answer for doesn't it? I saw a pink eared duck for the first time recently. Hmmm. I see these lovely parrots quite often here in the Central West, I saw some this week actually as I was walking into work, but they're often out and about feeding on footpaths.

  2. Cool, thanks for letting me know. I first saw these parrots in central western NSW a long time ago, so am glad they are still plentiful. They are not too many around here.