Sunday, 7 October 2012

Late August swanlings

A pair of black swans took up residence in the pond at the end of our street in autumn (April). They spent a lot of time preening and covered the surface of the pond with fluff. Our family were away during July and most of August so imagine our delight, to find six swanlings (cygnets) in the pond, on our return.

8th September. One of the cygnets did not survive the fortnight.

16th September. This was the first time I'd seen the swans stray from the edge of the pond.

1st October. The swanlings are often out of the pond now but never far from their parents. Maybe this is the stage that inspired the term 'ugly duckling' but I think of it affectionately as the 'lamington phase', very coconutty! As well as resembling coconut iced sponge ... I'm also reminded of an emu. Quote me in your school assignment at your peril!


3rd October

8th October

9th October
In the following photo the body shape resemblence to an emu is clearer.

14th October


  1. How fabulous to watch them grow.

  2. They are fabulous. Kids (and everyone else) count the cygnets daily and discuss their progress. I've heard cars have had to slow for them, when they have been on the road. The pond is also next to a dog off leash park and they have had to cope with some enthusiastic dogs though most owners keep their dogs well under control near the pond.