Saturday, 10 November 2012

Australian King Parrot

Before I started looking closely at the birds in my area last month, I would have predicted that I'd see as many King Parrots as Crimson and Eastern Rosellas. This has not been borne out. Those other birds are much more commonly seen. In October I saw a group of King Parrots just once; early one morning, in bushland and no others till today, so it was nice to see four King Parrots feeding on plums this morning. This female was so content, she did not budge even when a couple on bikes with two dogs, also stopped to look and chat.


  1. We get King Parrots, as well as the rosellas too. They're always so wonderful to see. It's always astonishing to me that a bird as brightly coloured as that can be tricky to see sometimes....She's clearly enjoying the cherries in the tree there.

  2. Yeah I reckon I'd have walked on by, but movement in the tree caught my eye. This is often the case don't you find? I think we are so primed to detect movement, from our earliest survival programming.