Sunday, 11 November 2012

Juvenile birds

One of the great things about walking around right now is all the juvenile birds out exploring their world. This post is dedicated to LOL, not exactly a juvenile herself... but definitely young at heart! Her Aussie spring birthday just passed. Happy birthday.

Juvenile Red Wattlebird
Juvenile Welcome Swallow

These swallows fledged over the weekend. For weeks I been seeing Welcome Swallows taking food into the big cement pipe that feeds the pond. Highly inaccessible for humans, I never saw their nest, but today - several new mini swallows!

Juvenile Currawong

Fledgeling chough

If you read my post yesterday about White-winged Choughs you might recognise this bird. Yesterday nestling, today fledgeling! Although it seems the big trip to the ground tuckered this one out.

These fledgeling/juvenile birds are very relaxed. It's the mature birds who are wary of potential dangers. Certainly the mature choughs were eager to get this one on its feet rapidly. You can see one of them, in the next picture with its wings spread, urging the young one into action. I'm guessing the mature bird is trying to appear ferocious and ward off predators, but maybe there's another reason for this performance.


  1. Yes it's such an interesting time of year. I watched 3 young peewees sitting on a branch waiting for their parents to return last weekend.