Saturday, 10 November 2012

Swan promenade

At approximately 3 months of age the swanlings still stay close to each other and both parents when they are out of the water.

And just after this photo was taken, a massive dog walked past. Papa swan has hackles raised or whatever the swan equivalent is. He looks truly impressive. I backed away at that point, lemme tell you.

And now for a brief swanling update: How cool are these wings? Yes I'd flap them too if especially if I'd only just grown them in the last three weeks.

And here's a view of the feather development from the front. Click the picture to see the larger view.



  1. They've done so well to raise their 5 babies to this point, haven't they? So many urban dangers for them.

  2. They've survived dogs and cars. It's the people that concern me most. There is a lot of feeding of then and as a consequence they think all people bring food. If they are down in the pond it's ok, as they swim off when they realise it's not a feeding time. But when they are on the grass and come flapping up for food, it's a bit confronting and concerning. I'm worried they'll become too demanding and need to be removed. Well more of a concern than a worry. They do get fed a lot and it is usually white bread. One family arrived yesterday with a whole loaf and the swans got most of it.