Sunday, 11 November 2012

It's definitely Gang-gang season

This morning about eight Gang-gangs flew overhead on Mount Majura, stopping briefly on a very old gum tree. I'm pretty sure this is a juvenile male. 

One of the nice birding surprises recently has been discovering Gang-gangs close to home. Later in the day I also saw another pair at Lyneham wetlands, high in a tree, screeching the place down - well it was the male making the racket, but that is not strictly in my Majura birding area. I just love the Gang-gang calling/screeching (as well as other black cockatoos), always reminding me how ancient Australia is.


  1. How wonderful to be seeing them so often. Black cockatoos are infrequent visitors to my part of the central west. I saw some a few months ago, but usually only see them further east.

  2. We are really lucky. I always love seeing the cockatoos on south coast nsw but have not been for a while.