Saturday, 17 November 2012

Corellas in the mist..

It's not safe to go jogging in my neighbourhood without a camera. There is always something to see. Fortunately for me, my camera is tiny enough to carry. Unfortunately for bird photography, my camera has reached its limits. Increasingly I am finding myself right bird-time, right bird-place, wrong bird-camera, athough the low light this morning didn't help. I am looking into a camera solution but that's another story.

So these Little Corellas added some x factor to the morning. What a great sight, to look up and see so many. And so calm! The last corellas I saw were edgy. 

Anyhow the plot thickens. Just a few minutes earlier I'd seen what I thought was a flock of Sulphur-crested Cockatoos. I assumed they were cockatoos because we have plenty around here
and from below they looked like cockatoos and also because they sounded like cockatoos, (if slightly less corrosive) and also because I was attempting to jog and wasn't imagining corellas. In retrospect I'm wondering if that flock were actually corellas and these are some of them.

This is a washed out photograph (it was misty y'know!) but I'm posting it to show how filthy this corella is. I'll be betting a farmer somewhere in the Murray Darling Basin is mad as a hatter at these birds.



  1. It is frustrating when your camera just isn't up to the job. But getting big lenses can be really, really expensive. I think you did really well with your shots today. I'm impressed that you go out jogging at all, let alone with a camera (you couldn't run with the big ones anyway). I don't think I've ever seen corellas that dirty. they must certainly have been fossicking.

  2. Thanks so much Louise. I think you are my biggest fan! I used to run a lot more, till I got distracted by these birds, but nothing heroic. Someone suggested the corellas have been nesting. Man that's dirty work.